When we chose the title of World of Wonders for our second level science curriculum, we did not notice its acronym WOW. When we noticed, we were delighted! How perfectly this describes our teaching hopes for children.

Children are filled with questions. Why do we need insects? How big were the dinosaurs? What makes me bleed when I fall down? Fueling an insatiable desire for learning is the gift of a dedicated teachers. World of Wonders is designed to assist that goal.

This curriculum is packed with fun, interesting and memorable facts about life on our planet, told in a manner that will engage, and challenge students to find out more. After class, we want them to run to their parents saying, "Mom, did you know...?!" Science is the human journey of discovering our world. We want to launch our students into that voyage with eager anticipation!

The World of Wonders curriculum is taught on Fridays in the 4 year old preschool program, and on Thursday & Fridays in the 4 year old childcare program.