Dance A Thon

The early years of life are precious and we value the privilege and responsibility of caring for your children during these formative years. We orient all our programming, curriculums and care toward nurturing optimum experiences for growth and development.

Our yearly Dance A Thon is an event that exemplifies our hopes for children. The following is a description of our current Dance A Thon programing….

Joy comes through giving. At Wind and Tide we nurture our students towards charity for others; their family, friends, people in their community and people around the world.

Through various classroom activities we give students many opportunities for tangible experiences of giving. Our annual Dance A Thon is one of those experiences. Through the Dance A Thon, we raise money for international communities in need. Since our inaugural event in 2006, we’ve raised over $550,000.

In 2024, our Dance a Thon donations will be designated for Por Los Ninos, a grassroots charity in Zihuatanejo Mexico.


Zihuatanejo is a well known Mexican vacation destination, however, for many of the 125,000 residents, poverty prevails. The annual family income is $3,000 CDN. Many children cannot afford to attend school. Hungry children cannot learn.

Education is key. Desperate to educate their children, parents in Zihuatanejo have built wooden classrooms with dirt floors, staffed by teachers, who are often unpaid. However, as these schools are not certified, the students receive no official credit for their classwork, and face many challenges should they later transfer to an approved school.

In Zihuatanejo, Por Los Niños is committed to…

  • Building safe, accredited schools,
  • Providing learning materials
  • Providing one healthy meal for students each day

In preparation for the Dance A Thon, in our classrooms, over the months of February and March, we will be learning…

  • the difference between needs and wants
  • that people need nutritious food
  • that people need to learn/education
  • that we are never to young to give

How can parents participate in giving with their children?

  • In early February, children will bring home a donation package with information about Por Los Ninos and a form to collect donations sponsors for the dance a thon.
  • In March, each classroom will host a fun filled Dance A Thon day. The children and teachers will dance to child friendly music (as the children wish to participate). There will be balloons, streamers and snacks to keep the energy flowing.
  • Parents bring their donation envelopes the day of the Dance A Thon.
  • We encourage parents to give their children opportunities to raise donations by doing age appropriate tasks as they see fit.
  • We encourage parents to give their children opportunities to ask grandparents and other family members and friends to help donate to the cause.
  • Tax receipts will be given for all donations over $20.

Our Dance A Thon has emerged as a meaningful tradition in our Wind and Tide community. Thanks for participating with us!