Field Trips and Special Days

Dinosaur Digs....Rainforest Walk...Visit to the local library....Waterparks....Beach Day. These are just a few of the fun adventures that await your child. Field trips and Special Days play an important role in our social studies and science curriculums.

On Field Trips, we discover what people do to help us in our community as well as exploring the amazing world in which we live. Families are given advanced notice of all field trips and opportunities to drive and share in the fun. Typically, the majority of parents wish to attend, especially in the earlier months of school. However, if a child's parent is unable to attend, the teachers will arrange transportation for your child with another family from your child's class.

On Special Days, we bring the classroom learning to life in the comfort of our classroom setting. Families do not have to attend our Special Days, but they are always welcome to attend and help out.

The three year old classes participate in three to five field trips and/or special days beginning after the Christmas holidays. This allows them to be comfortable and settled into the school routine.

Four year old classes enjoy four to five field trips and/or specials days throughout the school year.

In most cases, younger siblings are also welcome on the field trips. Please check with your child's teacher in advance.