The Dance of Discipline

When you hear the word discipline, what comes to mind? Punishment is often a first thought. The root word of discipline is ‘disciple,’ meaning, “to walk alongside, giving guidance and encouragement.” At Wind & Tide, ‘discipling’ is what discipline is all about.

What Discipline looks like in our classrooms:

  • Positive role modelling from teachers.
  • Encouragement of loving behaviours and interactions with others.
  • Warm and wise child/teacher engagement when behaviours and interactions challenge the well-being of the child or others.
  • Our wonderful social development curriculum Going For Goodness which engages your child in music, games, skits and stories that demonstrate aspects of kindness and compassion for ourselves and for others.
“to walk alongside, giving guidance and encouragement.”

What Discipline does NOT look like in our classrooms:

  • Teachers yelling or punishing
  • Belittling or embarrassing
  • Spanking or hitting
  • Expectations of children that exceed their developmental capabilities

Parent/Teacher communication on Discipline:

Child development can be emotionally, socially and physically messy at times. At Wind & Tide, we expect that. If our teachers are noticing a pattern of behaviour or interaction with your child that needs a more directed plan, they will connect with you. The early years are filled with learning and we never expect children to have it all in place. That is why we are here - to help with that! When parents and teachers work together, children thrive.