In the Three-Year-Old Preschool program, nothing is boring! Even learning about basic social skills is a lively, exciting process, full of music, role playing, spontaneous encouragement and planned instruction. Over the course of the Three-Year-Old Preschool program, the Going for Goodness curriculum explores ten core social skills, including self-control, empathy, respect and more!

We have made the teaching of specific social skills a priority based on the advice of several child psychologists. Years ago when we began integrating children with special needs into our programs, a fantastic group of therapists and psychologists helped these wonderful children connect and interact with their peers. We quickly realized the methods we were using for the children with special needs were equally helpful and welcomed by all of our students. This discovery became the heart of our Going for Goodness program.

Each month we isolate and address a specific social skill or value. However, the tables are turned in the classroom as the children help their poor confused teachers figure out how to solve social problems. In addition to this planned curriculum, teachers address different social skills with the entire class as they arise during the natural course of play and schooling. Never has growing up been such fun!

The Going for Goodness program is taught and experienced through all of Wind & Tide's programs, but most routinely in the three year old classes.