Wind & Tide Music

Music is a key teaching tool at Wind & Tide! There is nothing more powerful than music for obtaining and retaining information. How else would we keep 26 completely random, abstract and ordered letters in our heads? Can you imagine learning the alphabet without the music?

Knowing the power of music on our brains, bodies and behaviours, Wind & Tide has created four highly engaging, music albums to creatively compliment our curriculums.

Children are natural biologists and this album was created to feed and fuel their desire to know more. “All living things eat, breath, grow, change and make more things that do the same.” This album fosters wonder, respect and knowledge for exploration and discovery of the natural world.

When we treat others like we would like to be treated, our life is happiest and healthiest. Children are never too young to start learning this golden rule. Sing and learn about vital virtues for happiness and harmony in our family, community and oneself through kindness, generosity, helpfulness, respect and more.

We are all artists! Creativity is contagious and this album catches the imaginations and inspiration of 12 incredible artists, including Emily Carr, Picasso, Monet plus many more. This album is filled with an encouragement for artistry that will make you want to get out your paints to create!

From the microscopic to the enormous, our world has it all. This album celebrates places and spaces on our planet and beyond. From bugs and insects to dinosaurs and plants, each song is packed with fun-filled facts.

For over three decades, we had rave reviews as thousands of parents have listened and learned along with their children! Now, you can too!

Each of these albums are available for purchase through our Wind & Tide store.