The Four-Year-Old program picks right up where the Three-Year-Old program finishes off, and is just as dynamic and as enriching. The key curriculum components of our Four-Year-Old programs are:

  • Fun Family Phonics - A story base approach to letter recognition, printing and reading.
  • World of Wonders - A journey into our amazing world and beyond.
  • All About Art - A hands on study of the marvellous lives of nine significant artists and their work.
  • Extension of lessons that are introduced in our Three-Year -Old program (such as Mad Math Hat and Going for Goodness) are continued in our Four-Year-Old programming.

While our four-year-old classes are full for the most part (because our three-year-olds move automatically into the four-year-old classes), we still anticipate some enrolment changes before each school year starts in September. Children are welcome to start in a Four-Year-Old class if space is available and if the age requirement is met.

Jr. Kindergarten (full and half-day) are not directly filled by a specific Three-Year-Old program. Therefore, entry into these classes is more readily accessible to all new families.

Children must be four years of age by December 31 of the school year in which they are registered.