Biology is often an area of study that students find boring or difficult. How sad! Simply put, biology is a quest to understand the amazing world of 'living things.' We are born with a powerful instinct for discovery, a natural desire to explore the world around us. What a privilege to richly teach into that journey of discovery, helping maintain and refine a deep sense of interest and care for the world in which we live. This is the goal of the Beginner's Biology Program.

Each lesson works to reveal the vital importance of all living things whether they are as big as a tree or too small to see. Every living thing is important and we all (because of course we are living things as well) work together in our amazing world. Biology is not primarily a subject to be taken at school, it is a relationship into which we are born. All living things are part of earth's wonderful family.

Beginner's Biology is taught on Thursdays in the Three-Year-Old Preschool program and on Thursdays and Fridays in the Three-Year-Old Childcare program.