Our Educational Model and Teaching Styles

We craft our Wind & Tide programs with a careful balance of structure and play. Each day unfolds with selected routines and activities your child will anticipate and enjoy. From enlivened circle times with our signature Wind & Tide curriculum, to stories, songs and games, to outside play times, to quiet one-on-one time with our loving staff, your child will feel the safety of knowing what to expect and how to engage.

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Predictable patterns help children feel secure. When children feel secure and attached to their caregivers, spontaneous play will emerge. Play is essential for healthy development. All Wind & Tide programming stimulates discovery and exploration through imaginative, tactile, exploratory experiences that allow children to discover who they are and the world around them. Play arises from open-ended opportunities for children to follow their own instincts and imagination with no required outcomes or understandings.

Wind & Tide teachers are trained, supported and committed to encouraging and facilitating dynamic discovery and development within each child.