Education is Not Only for Children

The famous sculpture and painter Michelangelo last recorded words before he died at the age of 88 were, “I’m still learning!” Inspired by his perspective, we want to help parents flourish with meaningful and direct access to ongoing knowledge and education. Below are three key ways we provide current, relevant and community building information for our families.

Almost every unit and theme taught in Wind and Tide's preschool and childcare programs is supported by dynamic music created for optimum learning, memory retention and fun! Wind & Tide has four professionally produced albums, created to enhance our signature curriculums and to help families share in the joy of learning alongside their preschoolers. Find them here at our Wind & Tide store and enhance you child's learning through music.

For the first two decades of Wind & Tide, parent meetings, ideas sharing sessions, and family events were a regular part of our school year. As we have grown and expanded across the Lower Mainland, meeting face to face has become more challenging.

Activated well, social media is a wonderful resource for maintaining connection! Beginning in January 2021, we embarked on a commitment to focus on connecting with families to share, encourage and support each other through our Wind & Tide social media platforms and groups. Wind & Tide staff will host these sites with a creative and engaging flair we believe you will grow to love.

We are very excited to journey with you in this way.

“We want to support and equip parents the best we can because we know the most determining factor to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”
-- Rachel Cram

This podcast is for you!

Join Wind & Tide’s Founding Director, Rachel Cram, along with Roy Salmond, audio composer and producer of Wind & Tide curriculum music, as they host Family 360.

This podcast is dedicated to exploring family life together by providing rich, insightful conversations with well-respected specialists, artists and storytellers. With new episodes every two weeks, families can now listen to this free parent resource at any time and from anywhere.

With dozens of episodes to chose from, tune in and let us know what you think! If you have any questions or suggestions for topics, we would love to hear from you!