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Did you know that between birth and six years old is the most formative period of your life? During early childhood our brains are firing and wiring with such stunning speed and adaptability that you can actually see it happening. Just think about it. Within six years a child learns to sit, walk and run with agility! To speak, sing and explain with fluency! To interact, defend and manipulate with mastery!

Early childhood shapes who we are and who we become. Our early childhood experiences form our values, attitudes and beliefs that will last a lifetime.

At Wind & Tide, we respect and appreciate the honour of caring for your child during their influential years. Below you can see some of the important philosophies behind our Wind & Tide programming and practices. It is our privilege to walk alongside you, nurturing play and learning opportunities that facilitate fun, friendships and optimum growth and development within your child.

Whole Child Development

At Wind & Tide, we nurture children to learn, grow and thrive through a holistic focus on personal development. We have shaped our philosophies, programs and curriculums to nurture the emotional, social, physical, cognitive and spiritual needs of children as individuals and global citizens.

The Dance of Discipline

When you hear the word discipline, what comes to mind? Punishment is often a first thought. The root word of discipline is ‘disciple’, meaning, “to walk alongside, giving guidance and encouragement.” At Wind & Tide, ‘discipling’ is what discipline is all about.

Spiritual Sensitivity

At Wind & Tide, we define spiritual development as the way our capacity for LOVE grows and changes across our lifetime. Spiritual development is a key component in whole child development and a key component in Wind & Tide philosophy and programming.

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desires to learn.”
-- Maria Montessori

Teaching Style

Our programs are designed to stimulate learning through play. Children in our classrooms actively participate in exploration and discovery while our teachers act as facilitators, extending and directing experiences so that each child's knowledge is stretched and deepened.

Parent Involvement

Did you know that 90% of what you will learn in your entire life occurs between birth and six years of age? We want to keep you excited and involved in your child's learning and what they are experiencing in our programs. At Wind & Tide, we have created a number of ways to ensure that parents stay connected and involved in their child's learning.

Children Requiring Additional Support

At Wind & Tide, we believe that every child should be cherished and celebrated, and that every child is capable and deserving of mind-enriching learning experiences. We embrace and fully integrate children who have additional support needs. We work closely with support staff provided by regional Child Development Centres. We also have a team of Support Workers that can be added to classes based on dispersement funding through local Child Development Centres. If your child has developmental needs that require additional support, please let us know at the time of registration and we will connect you with our Support Coordinator.

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Join Wind & Tide’s Founding Director, Rachel Cram, along with Roy Salmond, audio composer and producer of Wind & Tide curriculum music, as they host Family 360.

This podcast is dedicated to exploring family life together by providing rich, insightful conversations with well-respected specialists, artists and storytellers. With new episodes every two weeks, families can now listen to this free parent resource at any time and from anywhere.

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