Supported Child Development & Subsidy Programs

At Wind & Tide, we recognize that each child is unique and deserves to have the support and care they need to thrive in an educational environment.

Children (up to 12 years of age) who may have a developmental delay, disorder, or extra support needs and who would benefit from additional program support, may receive assistance from the Support Child Development (SCD) Program.

Administered on behalf of the Ministry of Children and Family Development, the SCD program provides families with information, consultation services, financial support, and access to assistance to ensure inclusive practices for children who have a demonstrated need for extra support, so they can access and actively participate in preschool, childcare and out-of-school programs within their community. Whether your child has received a support diagnosis (physical, emotional/behavioural, developmental, or sensory impaired), is in the process of being assessed for a diagnosis, or has additional support needs, please inform our Administration office, and we will connect you to our Support Coordinator. This information is required before your child attends any Wind & Tide program and helps us to determine what allocations will be available, in addition to the current needs and dynamics of this class.

We work closely with regional Child Development Centres and have a wonderful team of Support Workers that can be placed into classrooms based on need and disbursement of funding. Our goal is to create a Care Plan with you that will best serve your child, your family and the classroom. While this process is not always easy, we are dedicated to work with you to find the appropriate support for your child.

If you are a family who requires financial assistance, yet would like your child to attend our preschool and/or Childcare Programs, please note that you may qualify for the Affordable Child Care Benefit. This program offers funding to help families with the cost of child care, depending on factors like family size, type of care and household income. Affordable Child Care Benefit does not cover all tuition costs and families are responsible for any outstanding tuition, including the required Registration fee and deposit. For more information, including details about eligibility and how to apply, visit their website at