Literacy & Reading Readiness Programs

To help promote reading readiness, Wind & Tide has created comprehensive Literacy Programs designed for school-aged students in Kindergarten through to Grade 2 that focuses on teaching the tools necessary to confidently excel in all aspects of early literacy including, reading, writing and spelling.

By incorporating the Fun Family Phonics program; a proven method that teaches learning to read using unique phonetic strategies and sight words, these programs are designed to ignite your child's passion for learning how to read.

Ready to Read is one of Wind & Tide's most well-known literacy programs. Being a proficient reader at an early age has many benefits, including the ability to develop as a strong independent learner. Designed for students in Kindergarten to Grade 2, Ready to Read runs two days per week from September to May.

Fostering the excitement of learning to read, this dynamic program uses a creative story-telling approach that takes students through a magical fair, where consonants and vowels work together as fun, memorable characters to form word patterns and systems. Paired with interactive songs and games, our curriculum is designed to develop the emergent reader by providing students with the strategies necessary to read, write and spell fluently, in addition to promoting reading comprehension.

For Kindergarten students who are new to Wind & Tide's literacy curriculum and programs, Kickstart is an introductory class that is focused on developing a strong foundation for reading readiness before advancing in to Ready to Read. This class runs one day per week, for a total of 15 sessions and includes a Kickstart workbook at no additional cost.

Built upon the Fun Family Phonics program taught in Wind & Tide's Four-Year-Old Preschool Program, students in Kickstart will: review the alphabet, letter sounds and formations, rhyming; explore basic word formation; and practice printing and spelling, which together play a key role when learning how to read.

As a bridging program, Kickstart also provides an inviting classroom environment that is taught by loving teachers dedicated to helping students learn and practice proven phonetic strategies using imaginative stories, interactive games, and engaging songs.