Public Speaking Program

Having the skills and ability to talk in front of a crowd is paramount. Given that public speaking is among one of the top fears in adults, Wind & Tide has created a one of a kind program designed just for children.

This Public Speaking Program teaches students how to confidently embrace the art of public speaking and the challenge of leadership by developing the skills necessary to speak clearly with meaningful messages, listen and organize information, and master their own speaking style.

Toastminors is a unique public speaking program designed for students in Grades 1-4. Classes run one day per week, from September to April with a performance event in January and a formal presentation evening in April.

Through our signature curriculum, Toastminors provides students with the tools necessary to discover and develop their interpersonal communication skills and the foundation to speak confidently in front of a crowd. Using a wide range of presentation forms (comedy, advertising, debate, examination, story-telling), Toastminor students learn to express their thoughts clearly, deliver an argument and thesis, and to give supporting points and concluding statements.

Taught in an inclusive classroom environment, students also review and practice important skills such as reading your audience, relating to your crowd, as well as the importance of good eye contact and appropriate body language.

Whether it be for a child looking to overcome anxiety around public speaking, or for a child wanting to grow their communication skills, Toastminors helps students master their own speaking style with confidence.


Wind & Tide's Public Speaking Program provides the opportunity for students to continue after successfully completing Toastminors. Offered as a second-year program, our Toastmajors curriculum provides a deeper focus on the keys of public speaking, includes more challenging speech topics and criteria, and expands upon the leadership opportunities previously covered in Toastminors.