Early Childhood Educational Community

Welcome to Wind & Tide! We offer a wide variety of programs to support you and your family. From our diverse options for preschool programming, full day childcare, before and after school care, development programs for older students, to our new and trending podcast for parents! Explore our website and discover how we can be a wonderful fit for your child and family.
We know that early childhood is the most formative years of life. Over the last three decades, 30,000+ children have graduated through our programs. It would be our honour to care for your child and support your family during these early years of learning. Thank you for considering Wind & Tide!
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We Believe

a) every child deserves rich, life enhancing knowledge.
b) knowledge abounds in environments of joyful playfulness.
c) joyful playfulness is nurtured best by adults who never underestimate the ability of a child.
We are excited to be opening our doors for our community to come and learn about some of the fun that happens inside our classrooms each day. If you, or someone you know, are considering preschool, then you won't want to miss this opportunity.

We will be opening up 23 of our classrooms throughout the lower mainland within the next few weeks. Pre-registration is required.

To find a location near you, please click on the link here: Open House Sign Up

Please note that ALL of Wind & Tide's Administration office, Preschools, Jr. Kindergartens, Childcares & South West Maple Ridge School Age Care campuses (EXCEPT our Evans and Central School Age Care programs), will be closed Thursday, February 2, 2023 for a scheduled Professional Development Day. All Development Programs will run as scheduled that day.
Given it's the season for winter weather, we would like to remind our families to please check Wind & Tide's website and Facebook page for any updates on campus closures due to weather conditions.

All Preschool, Jr. Kindergarten and School Age Care programs will follow any weather closure decisions made by their respective local public school district

Any closures due to weather conditions affecting our Childcare programs will be announced by 6:30AM on our website

Any after-school Development Programs impacted by campus closures will receive notification by email in the early afternoon.