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Wind & Tide Curriculum Music Albums
Children love to sing and dance!  That's why Wind & Tide's curriculum has been developed and taught using fun, interactive songs.  Curriculum music are available for both the Three and Four-Year-Old programs, and are the perfect way for parents to share in what their child is learning at school. 

Fun Family Phonics (4YR Preschool/Jr. K Curriculum)
If a child's journey to reading is exciting and rewarding, they will likely have a lifelong appreciation for learning and knowledge.  This is why Wind & Tide uses Fun Family Phonics, created by Muriel Endersby, as a base for its literacy program.  With a unique, creative, multi-sensory approach to teaching, Fun Family Phonics introduces children to the phonetic cues and clues on which our language is built.  There are a variety of supplementary materials available; each designed to help parents engage with their child at home and share in the wonder as they learn to read.

Fun Family Fair (Ready to Read Curriculum)
Fun Family Fair makes learning to read a creative adventure.  Used in Wind & Tide's Ready to Read program, the Fun Family Fair curriculum combines whole language and phonetic teaching constructs to provide a comprehensive early literacy curriculum.  Because practice plays a vital role in increasing a child's ability to progress as a strong reader, there are a number of helpful supplementary materials designed to help parents assist their child in an effective manner.